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For nearly two decades, Our award winning DJ's have played some of Nashville’s biggest and best hotspots as well as toured the globe spinning and mixing for hundreds of thousands of people.  Our vast knowledge of music and musical styles, and our ability to read a crowd helps us create an atmosphere that only our experience and musicality can bring.  
    While creating Tsunami Entertainment,  Danny used his knowledge and skill to help him find and cultivate a list of talented DJ’s who were ready to take the Tsunami Brand to even higher levels.  Any Tsunami DJ will be creating a playlist and a vibe that will have people singing out loud, or have them running for the dance floor or jumping with excitement.  We will customize your playlist for any theme party or event or simply create an unforgettable night of fun and dancing for you and your guests.



Tsunami Karaoke is practically a legend here in Tennessee.  Our show is so unique and fun and geared to include everyone in the room whether they are actively participating or just watching the festivities.  With our massive library and crystal clear, professional sound systems, Tsunami Karaoke will raise your “karaoke nights” to new heights.  We provide everything needed for our karaoke shows including sound system, 500,000+ song library, props, Lyric Screens, microphones and an onstage host who MC’s the flow, tweaks the mix and maintains the energy with upbeat filler music, on-point and positive commentary and just the right amount of interaction to help, but not upstage the singers.  Tsunami Karaoke is not your typical Karaoke Company so join the wave and become part of the Tsunami Karaoke movement.

Professional Karaoke in Nashville Tennessee
Top Karaoke Company in Nashville
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Best Trivia events in Nashville

Step into a world of Nostalgia and test your knowledge of all things retro.  From classic video games and iconic movies to vintage technology and pop culture, this trivia has it all.  Let Tsunami bring this night of fun, friendly competition and prizes to your next event.  Allow your guests to show who the ultimate retro nerd is.  Don’t miss out on your chance to allow Retro Nerd Trivia to spice up any party or event.

Bar Bingo in Nashville Tennessee

This is NOT your Grandmother’s BINGO game.  Tsunami has taken this age old fun to new, exciting and edgy levels.  The ultimate fusion between traditional and modern, this fast paced, thrilling experience will keep your guests engaged with real time competition and chances to win big.  Let us bring this exciting bingo adventure to you.

Marketng & Promo


Best Event and Bar Promotional Company in Nashville

From earth shaking ideas to brand ambassador models, Let Tsunami Promotions bring your next private, Bar or restaurant event to life.  From concept to design to execution, our experience is your experience. Tsunami Promotions will work hard to take your events to the next level.  From our custom parties to large scale events featured all over the U.S, people will flock to be a part of our creations.

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