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we are
Tsunami Entertainers

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C Danny Lewis

Danny, the owner is also your DJ.  He will host Karaoke for you or sing and play in the band.  He is very "hands on" and involved and will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are happy with the quality of entertainment at your every event.

Owner/ CEO (DJ/Musician/Songwriter/Singer)

Edgar White

Ed was born and raised in the town of…. Seriously, are you still reading these right now? Do you REALLY care where he is from?  Okay, Bottom line…He as all of our guys are some of the best Karaoke Hosts / DJs in the history of EVER.  They will help you sing in the key of AWESOME.  No, seriously, you will sound like the ROCKSTAR you are in your own mind.  Ed is narcissistic and modestly pompous with an ever so slight oedipal complex….What?!This IS a bio. But really, that’s actually good for you; because that means that he wants his karaoke nights to be the best…. And the only way to be the best is to make you sound the best and play all of your favorite tunes.
OK, if you’re still reading this, seriously, shut your computer off right now and come to one of our shows.  If you have time to read the website, you have time to come out to an event…and apparently it wouldn’t hurt to make a few friends. 
Edgar White.  he puts  the Grrr in Edgar, baby!

Karaoke Host/ Musician /Songwriter/Comedian

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Mike Corcoran

Mike was born and raised in central Florida, but moved up to Nashville in 2014 shortly after earning his degree in Music Production Technology from Daytona State College. Since then, he has been working as an audio engineer for both recorded music and live sound as well as a producer around town working with many local artists and songwriters. One of the songs he recorded was even selected for the Nashville Songwriting Association's top 40 list for that quarter. 

Karaoke Host/ Production

Cale Carver

Born and Raised in Nasville, a Nashville Unicorn djing private events and clubs since the mid 90's in Nashville and Atlanta.  Cale really found his passion for playing music and parties as a toddler when his Dad couldnt keep him off the Technics Turntables and the 50's-80's Vinyl alblum collection that his Dad had started in the 60's.  Cale's Dad and Step Dad booth college djs helped Cale mass a musical knollege, Collection and passion over the years that has grown the collection to over 10k albums and made his passion unmatched.  

Cale Djing professionally since his college Frat party days runs in the family and 

has enabled Cale to travel all over the country playing private events and clubs before Nashville even hit its hay day

Cale was in Atlanta in the original Buckhead scene playing the bars/clubs for several years.  

Cale is currently exploring production in Electronic Danch music as he has a personal passion to explore the countries latest fesistivals and events..

Dj/Production/Karaoke Host

Headshot - Cale Carver_edited.png
Headshot - Paulie_edited_edited.jpg

Paul Mooney

Born and raised in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, He is the second oldest of five boys and comes from a middle class family. At the age of 23, he experienced a life-altering injury that left him with a paralyzed right foot after shattering his lower back vertebrae. Despite this setback, he was determined not to let it define him. He later tragically lost his father and realized it was time for a major change. This led to making the bold move to Nashville, Tennessee where he found himself answering a pivotal question from his best friend that would define the rest of his life. That question led him to becoming a part of the top entertainment company in Nashville, achieving success and personal growth, he didn't think possible, along the way.

Dj/Karaoke Host

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